Relieve Stress

I know right now is a stressful time right now and I know it is different for everyone. It is important to take moments to disconnect from this even if it is for 10 or 30 min. Let your body and mind take control of how long.

I have written about meditating before, but will just remind everyone if you have not done it before that when you start it will take time to shut your mind off. So in the beginning let it happen and over time you will learn how to stop it from happening.

Create a space that feels safe and comfortable since you could be there for 30 min. You can play soft music that helps you relax and maybe light a candle with your favorite scent. If you can lower the light in the area so it is not so bright. Once this is ready, if there are other people at home, let others know you need time to yourself. If you have pets, I would recommend to let them just walk around. As you relax you will find over time they will look forward to this time and will lay next to you. They are taking in your energy and bonding with you. It allows them to relax and remove stress too.

Now it is time to begin:

I prefer to close my eyes, but that is completely up to you. I find that it helps me to center my mind.

Breath in, and hold for four counts, then breath out and repeat.

Imagine yourself on a beach watching the waves of the ocean or in the country sitting on a rock next to a babbling brook. The most relaxing and rejuvenating energy comes from nature. You can even put out to the universe to have any negative energy removed to allow for positive energy to come in.

Breath in, and hold for four counts, then breath out and repeat.

If your mind starts to wonder just focus on your breathing.  Continue this breathing method through the whole mediation.

You will feel a shift during this time to feeling at peace. You may also feel compelled to put a question out into the universe and that is ok. As you quiet your mind don’t be surprised if you hear an answer.

Once you feel it is time you will become more aware of what is around you.

Breathe in, and hold for four counts, then breath out.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Slowly open your eyes and sit quietly to take in how you’re are feeling.

You should feel grounded, alert and relaxed.

This can be part of a daily routine. I like to do this before going to bed. I find it gets rid of the day and allows for a better night’s sleep.