dragonfly image

The dragonfly is a powerful and fascinating animal that is
characterized by the beauty of its colors and lightness of its wings. It is a symbol of change and light and when one shows up it may be there to remind you to add more joy and light into your life. The power of this animal is associated with the symbolism of light, but illusion. The dragonfly spirit animal invites people to keep a light and positive outlook even when
things look dark. It may encourage you to show your true colors and shine. When a dragonfly shows up it could also represent illusion, which means that someone’s intentions may be deceiving.

They are often found by water, ponds, edges of lakes or river. Which makes sense as they grow in water and then move to the air. Water is a powerful symbol for emotions.

As a totem if one or more show up it could be a call to evolve and transform. It should inspire you to bring about a change in your life in order to reach your full potential. Stay open to what will unfold through your personal journey. It’s ability to change direction swiftly inspires those who have it as a totem to use their ability to be flexible and highly adaptable in any situation.
When you feel stuck call upon your dragonfly power animal to give assistance. This can help you gain a new perspective, as the answer may be in your ability to tackle an issue from a different angle.

They are very powerful allies when connecting with the spirit of nature. They have a fairy like quality that makes them promising spirit animals to work with the power of light and fairy realms. They can bring the enchanting energy of our own nature, so when you see one allow yourself to be open to the magic of nature and its elements.

If a dragonfly comes to you in your dreams it could be letting you know that a change is coming. If it lands on you it is believed to be a good change and if it is dead then it is believed to be a bad change. They have a short life cycle and are fast and agile. For that reason, if they are moving fast in your dream from place to place it may be a sign to live your life fully and be present.

I am always happy to see a dragonfly when I am out. I also believe it represents departed souls and that they bring messages from those you have lost that are close to your heart.