Animal Spirit Guide

peaceful meditating image

Many years ago I decided to meditate with the intention of finding out which animal was my spirit guide. If you are not familiar with this, it is an animal totem(s) that guide and protect you in your life. It is an animal that you feel connected to. I have always felt more in tune with animals and the outdoors, when life gets stressful or I feel out of balance, my first instinct is to stand outside and just listen to the elements. I love to go to parks or gardens and just walk around and let nature recharge me. That night the animal that came to me was a wolf. It then became my mission to understand what that meant.

I found out that a wolf symbolizes, sharp intelligence, loves freedom and strong instincts. They also have a high sense of loyalty, family orientated and good communicators. I could relate to all of what I found. I even got a tattoo of a wolf on my back right shoulder. It means so much to me. It also explained for my why I will go in protection mode when someone I care about is being mistreated.

I went to East Tennessee not long after I had found out this information. When we go to the house we were staying out the owner had a dog that was part wolf. I asked if I could go up to him and he agreed. I could tell he must have hurried to get up there from another direction to make sure nothing happened. When I got up the hybrid walked over to me with his him down, submission mode, and pressed against me. The owner said he had never seen anything like that. It was such a confirmation for me that there was a connection between myself and wolves. As I talked to the owner the hybrid sat on my foot (that had a boot from foot surgery on it). The owner seemed confused and I assured him that the hybrid was just protecting it and not hurting me. I felt very safe next to this (if I remember correctly) 150 lb. hybrid.

I met with an angel communicator a couple of years ago and she had a message for me from my wolf. He wanted a name, funny how the thought never occurred to me to give him a name. Then she laughed and said, “He is quite the character. He wants Wolfie”. She told me things to have him do to help protect me and to continue to talk to him. She also told me he lays next to me every night on the bed.

Every night I have him walk the perimeter of my apartment to stop any negative energy from coming in. I tell him once he is done to come to bed. When I know I won’t be home and Willow (my cat) is home alone I ask him to stay and watch over her.

Have you ever wondered why a certain animal comes around you? Maybe the same animal appears to you in your dreams? It could be that the animal is your spirit guide or that a message is trying to be sent to you. Take time to meditate and ask if the animal is a guide or a messenger. It may take a few sessions to get the answers so be patient. We are surrounded by so much technology and noise that it may take time to fully quiet the mind and reach the level of being able to get the answers.

If they are your spirit guide…don’t forget to ask their name. 🙂