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Are you drawn to turtles? Do you feel they bring you a sense of calm? It could be that the turtle is your spirit guide. I am going to share some symbolism and characteristics along with meanings. See if it speaks to you or validates how you feel.

Turtles move at their own pace and seems to have no worries. They move at a pace that allows them to see all that is around them and enjoy each moment. If you find that you are constantly on the go then take this lesson from them. They could literally take the saying, take time to stop and smell the roses, to heart.

Turtles and tortoises are water creatures. They gain strength and insight from the water. They carry their home on their back. It is a reminder that your body is your home. Take care and protect your body as it is your shelter.

So when a turtle comes to you as a spirit guide it is letting you know it could be letting you know that you have taken too much on and maybe it is time to let go of some things. Let go of anything negative in your life. Remember they carry that hard shell, their home, on their back. Take this time to go into your shell and reassess what is going on. You can even meditate on it and ask the turtle for guidance. Find your true path and become grounded. Embrace your power and inner peace and reemerge feeling stronger and more serene.

Remember that turtles use their shell as protection, so don’t learn from them and take your time before jumping into danger.  There is also a misconception that when a turtle is on their back they cannot right themselves, but this is not true. Turtles can flip themselves over because they have strong necks. So what would the message be for you? You can right yourself by using your own head, even if no one else believes in you.

peaceful meditating image

Turtles and tortoises are powerful animals. They bury their eggs on land and when they hatch hundreds of babies need to make their way to the water all by themselves. It is amazing how these babies find a way to survive. You may ask what is the message in this. Well, for some looking back at your childhood can be scary. You can call on the turtle to help you find parts of your childhood you did not survive. Turtles have an energy that can help you heal parts of your soul by immersing it in healing waters of the universe.

Ask the turtle to be your guide in life and keep you grounded and safe. Just remind yourself to take one step at a time. Savor the blessing in each moment.

If the turtle is your animal guide or totem, you will need a safe haven. Also pay attention to signs when it is time to step back not only for safety, but for peace of mind. You may also find yourself recharged when connecting with water and nature.

Native American aligns the turtle with the full moon that appears 13 times a year because the belly of a turtle has 13 sections. They find it to be a peace maker and respect it for living in harmony with the earth. There is folklore that the Turtle has saved mankind. It also reminds us to walk gently in this world and remember its sacredness.

Celtic saw the turtle as an emblem of fertility. When you look at Celtic symbolism it shows the turtle standing guard over the entry to the world of the Fey. This creates a connection with magic and other realms normally beyond our awareness. Celtic shamans used the turtle energy to keep them grounded when traveling between planes. If they are your spirit guide…don’t forget to ask their name.